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  • What is MGC Alternative Investment?
    In a nutshell, MGC alternative investments refer to a wide range of investment options that fall outside the traditional realms of stocks and bonds. These alternatives offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and potentially achieve higher returns.
  • How do i get started?
    Simply speak to one of ur executives or fill in our quick form to express your interest What investment diversification are you considering: Real Estate Business & Asset Transport & Logistics You can build an impressive property portfolio by easily diversifying across different property assets - Nigeria, UK, Dubai with myResidential Club.
  • Why Invest with MGC?
    MGC recognizes the importance of diversification and offers alternative investment options to stocks and bonds. By providing alternative investment opportunities, MGC aims to cater to investors who seek different avenues to grow their wealth and manage risk. These alternatives can offer unique benefits and potentially higher returns compared to traditional investments.
  • What are the advantages?
    Diversification: MGC Alternative investments provide an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds. They often have low correlation with traditional asset classes, reducing the overall risk of your portfolio. Potential for higher returns: MGC Alternative investments have the potential to deliver higher returns compared to traditional investments. They often involve less efficient markets, providing opportunities for skilled investors to generate alpha. Hedge against inflation: Certain alternative investments, such as real estate, logistics and commodities, can act as a hedge against inflation. Their values may rise with inflationary pressures, helping to preserve purchasing power. Lower volatility: MGC Alternative investments can exhibit lower volatility compared to stocks and bonds. This can be especially advantageous during periods of market turbulence, as they may provide a more stable investment option. Access to unique opportunities: Alternative investments allow investors to access unique and specialized opportunities that are not readily available in traditional markets. Potential for uncorrelated returns: Alternative investments often have returns that are not closely tied to the movements of the stock market or bond market. This can help diversify a portfolio and reduce overall risk. Long-term growth potential: Some alternative investments, such as private equity and venture capital, have the potential for substantial long-term growth. These investments can participate in the early stages of companies' growth and benefit from their success. Preservation of capital: MGC alternative investments, including as precious metals or fine art, have a track record of preserving capital over the long term. They can act as a store of value and provide a hedge against economic downturns. Customization and flexibility: Our Alternative investments often offer more flexibility and customization options compared to traditional investments. Investors can choose specific strategies, sectors, or geographic areas to invest in, tailoring their portfolio to their individual preferences and goals. Potential for income generation: MGC alternative investments, offer regular income generation through dividends, rental income, or distributions.
  • Is now a good time?
    Now is an excellent time to diversify your investment porfolio. The market is booming so there is huge potential for capital growth. #ROI: You can earn between 5% - 25% ROI when you invest in MGC products / projects. #Instant Equity: With some Alternative investment, clients can benefit from Instant Equity. Instant equity is the difference between the Market Value of the property and the price paid. So for example, you co-buy a property at #70,000; on completion the market value is #120,000, you will generate instant equity of #50,000! #Rental Income: The most obvious income generated is the monthly rental income from Real estate investment. Rental yields have also gone up and MGC is proud to offer its investors with fantastic rental yields. #Capital Growth: In the longer term, the investment can generate another source of income through Capital Growth.
  • Can I exist at any time?
    Exist period are at 6 months interval prior to funds being committed to an investment. Once funds are committed, exist will be on the resale of the investment product.
  • Do I need to view the property before I invest?
    Most investments are hands-off investment and clients rely on our due diligence. However, depending on your alternative investment, viewing can be arranged prior to funds being committed.
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