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Car Rental Service

Car Rental Service

SKU: AE/CR/11/DA/23

Our range of vehicles ensures our clients always have the right vehicle for their personal or business use. From small city cars to an executive saloon. Why not earn a descent ROI from your vehicle.


Do you have a car of your own? Do you rarely use it? Do you feel like you are unnecessarily spending on its maintenance when you hardly use it? Then you need not have to worry at all. Instead of leaving the car in your garage, we can rent-out your vehicle for you and and also earn.


We will list your car on our subsidary and marketing platform and rent it out as it's requested. The amount that you can earn depends on the number of rides it is taking per day. 


    • Earn Over 60% on daily rentals
    • Over 100 request monthly
    • We market on various marketing platforms
    • Rates are competative
    • Business and daily renatls
    • You decide where you want to go

An Intelligent Way To Invest

An Intelligent Way To Invest

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