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SKU: IMH/133/4/BD/MIC/21

The Short-let or Holiday sector has enjoyed a buoyant and growing performance in recent years making the UK, Nigeria and UAE the ideal location for holiday home investment. All of the recent consumer trends suggest this strong performance will continue for several years, with many independent industry and media commentators having written very positive reports about the investment potential, of the furnished holiday property let market.


In all that we do, our clients trust us to act with a blend of knowledge and performance. By balancing the understanding of our portfolio with the financial expertise of an investment adviser we have established ourselves as the pre-eminent manager over the last 15 years.


    • Location:   Various area
    • An opportunity to make a business out of your asset.
    • Generally higher yields vs. traditional renting.
    • Better depreciation due to the additional furnishings.

An Intelligent Way To Invest

An Intelligent Way To Invest

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